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The fiery heart of Ultima Online beats within the Blacksmithing skill. Here, artisans transform raw ores and metals into instruments of war and defense. Blacksmithing encompasses a multitude of disciplines:

  • Smelting: Extracting pure ingots from mined ores, the foundation for all crafted metalwork.
  • Crafting: From humble daggers to imposing plate armor, Blacksmiths forge a vast array of weaponry and protective gear.
  • Enhancement: Breathing new life into existing metal items by infusing them with additional materials.
  • Repair: Mending the wear and tear of battle, ensuring equipment remains dependable.

Blacksmiths can hone their skills further through Bulk Order Deeds. Completing these tasks yields valuable rewards, from tools that expedite ore collection for beginners to coveted Power Scrolls and Runic Hammers for seasoned crafters. As a Blacksmith’s mastery grows, the secrets of legendary weaponry are unlocked. Special Blacksmithing Recipes allow the creation of ever more potent arms and armor, ensuring their legacy on the battlefield.

Blacksmithing Tools


Smith’s Hammer


Smelting metal ores and metal items breaks them down to their component ingots. The process for smelting ore is different than the process for smelting items.

Smelting Ores

To smelt ore:

  1. Stand near a forge
  2. Double-click on the ore that you want to turn into ingots
  3. Target the forge
  4. The ingots will appear in your backpack

Smelting Metal Items

To smelt an item:

  1. Stand near a forge
  2. Double-click your blacksmithing tool (e.g., smith’s hammer, tongs) in your backpack
  3. From the gump menu select “Smelt Item” located in the lower left corner of the screen
  4. Target the item that you want to smelt
  5. The ingots will appear in your backpack

You can smelt multiple items simultaneously by using a Salvage Bag:

  1. Place the items you want to smelt inside the salvage bag
  2. Have a blacksmithing tool in your backpack
  3. Stand near a forge
  4. Single-click on your salvage bag to open the context menu
  5. Select “Salvage Ingots”
  6. The ingots will appear in your backpack

Blacksmithy Crafting

To craft an item using your blacksmithy skill:

  1. Put the needed ingots in your backpack
  2. Stand near a forge AND anvil (you must be in close proximity to both)
  3. Double-click your smith’s hammer or tongs in your backpack
  4. From the gump menu select the item you wish to craft by clicking the button to the right of the item name
  5. If successful, the crafted item will appear in your backpack

Blacksmithy Training

The following table gives an overview of items that can be crafted to gain blacksmithing skill at various skill levels.

Training Blacksmithy
0.0 to 40.0Buy training from blacksmith in New Haven
40.0 to 45.0Mace (6 ingots)
45.0 to 50.0Maul (10 ingots)
50.0 to 55.0Cutlass (8 ingots)
55.0 to 59.5Longsword (12 ingots) or Katana (8 ingots)
59.5 to 70.5Scimitar (10 ingots) or Spear (12 ingots)
70.5 to 106.4Platemail Gorget (10 ingots)
106.4 to 108.9Platemail Gloves (12 ingots)
108.9 to 116.3Platemail Arms (18 ingots)
116.3 to 118.8Platemail Legs (20 ingots)
118.8 to 120.0Platemail Tunics (25 ingots)

Training Quests for Blacksmithy

There are two training quests in New Haven to help you gain blacksmith skills:

Quest Title: It’s Hammer Time!

  • NPC: George Hephaestus the Blacksmithing Instructor
  • Location: Forge and Anvil (Blacksmith shop)
  • Objective: Train your blacksmithing skill to 50
  • Accelerated skill-gain when crafting items at Forge and Anvil
  • Reward: Hammer of Hephaestus

Quest Title: Battered Bucklers

  • NPC: Gervis the Blacksmith Trainer
  • Location: Mountains
  • Objective: Obtain 10 bucklers
  • There is no accelerated skill-gain for this specific quest
  • Reward: Iron ingots (x10) and a smith’s hammer
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