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Tinkering stands as a cornerstone of creativity within Ultima Online, serving as the linchpin for all manner of crafting endeavors. Its capacity to fashion tools that complement other trades renders it an ideal starting point for budding craftsmen. Consider a miner, for instance, who employs Tinkering to fashion additional shovels during their excavation. These implements often require only modest levels of skill to craft, ensuring that not every artisan needs to attain grand mastery to reap the benefits – although exceptionally crafted tools do boast superior durability.

Typically, Tinkers ply their trade with ingots, although they occasionally fashion items from wood as well. Tinkers possess the capability to craft magical jewelry, some of which are esteemed as artifacts. Aspiring Tinkers are advised to hone their craft within the confines of Heartwood, where the requisite recipes can be acquired in advance.

With sufficient expertise, practitioners of Tinkering may even conjure obedient Golems to serve them in battle. While these constructs are seldom deployed in actual combat scenarios, their formidable resistance to poison renders them invaluable assets for combat training.

Tinkering Tools

Tinker’s tools are available in-game in two forms, but both operate the same way and utilize the same gump.

       Tinker’s Tools look like this when purchased from a vendor.

         Tool Kit looks like this when crafted.

Training the Tinkering Skill

The following table gives an overview of items that can be crafted to gain skill at various skill levels. In addition to this, there are other skills that you should keep in mind as you are leveling your tinkering skill:

  • Training Lockpicking: Requires you to train on a locked box made by a 50-skill Tinkerer, a locked box made by 70-skill Tinkerer, and a locked box made by a 100-skill Tinkerer.
  • Training Remove Trap: Requires you to train on dart trapped boxes; 20 made by a 50-skill Tinkerer, 20 made by an 80-skill Tinkerer, and 20 made by a 100-skill Tinkerer.
Tinkering Training
0 to 40Buy training from tinker shop vendor in New Haven
40 to 45Scissors (2 ingots each) or Clock Parts (1 ingot)
45 to 60Tongs (1 ingot each – can be sold to blacksmith or tinker)
60 to 75Lockpicks (1 ingot each – can be sold to provisioner)
75 to 85Bracelets (3 ingots each – can be sold to jeweler)
85 to 90Spyglasses (4 ingots each – can be sold to shipwright)
90 to 100Rings (3 ingots each – can be sold to jeweler)

Training Quests for Tinkering

There are two training quests in New Haven to help you gain tinkering skills:

Quest Title: The Right Tool for the Job

  • NPC: Amelia Youngstone the Tinkering Instructor
  • Location: Springs N Things (tinkering shop)
  • Objective: Train your tinkering skill to 50
  • Accelerated skill-gain when crafting items at Springs N Things
  • Reward: Amelia’s Toolbox

Quest Title: A Clockwork Puzzle

  • NPC: Nibbet the Tinker
  • Location: Springs N Things (tinkering shop)
  • Objective: Obtain 5 clock parts
  • There is no accelerated skill-gain for this specific quest
  • Reward: Clock Frame (x3) and Tinker’s Tools
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