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Update 021 [Apr 06, 2024]

We have avoided putting the store in place until there was a solid plan for a few things, mainly the mechanics for players to be rewarded with the flame currency in the game. I can and shall use events and such but felt that was not consistent enough to do what I desired. The concept I have in mind is every 24-72 those who are online will be awarded one of three things; Infernal Flames, Infernal Sparks, or both. While Flames will be added to your existing total, Sparks will not and you will lose any Sparks you didn’t exchange. Sparks will be exchanged for 1 Spark + 100k-200k Gold for 1 Flame. The gold price at this moment will be determined based on how many Sparks are left to be exchanged, the fewer the Sparks the higher the gold price will become (Max of 200k)

Infernal Sparks Added: Currency on the account

Infernal Flames Added: Currency on the account

Infernal Engine Added: This engine will award those online with Infernal Flames and/or Infernal Sparks. Flames will add however any Sparks left will be removed when then the engine function is called. Infernal Exchange Added: This will allow players to exchange Infernal Sparks and Gold to purchase additional Flames.

Gold Updated: Can now double-click from inside the bank

Deco Deeds Added: 66 Spring Flavored deco deeds

Tier System Gump Updated: Incorrect display during cool down

Event Map Added: Larger scale events for the holiday season

Reward Code Added: Promo Code V2

Store Updated: Recoded to handle Infernal Flames as a natural currency

Easter Egg Controller Updated: Added Daily and Total Max Turn ins properties

Paragon Easter Basket Updated: Checks controller for new properties

Paragon Easter Basket Updated: Reconfigured scale based on turn-ins (this is a guess at this moment)



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