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Update 020 [Apr 01, 2024]

After watching the spawner over the weekend I quickly realized it was not up to the task. The new controller that went into effect this morning is already showing signs of being able to handle the nature of spawns at this degree.

While I clean up some smaller code things this week my focus will be replacing the Promo Code system with new and improved system. We have a few things that need to happen so we can get the store running and this is the first order of business. I would like this done before the Friday Update so it can go into testing. Then will come the gaining flames from playing aspect, which we did test a bit of back in January followed by the store code will need an update to handle something other than stock UO items.

Easter Egg Controller Added: New controller for spawning items on the map

Easter Egg Spawner Removed: No longer viable

Sort Command Updated: Seeds had incorrect format and display

Mystical Pet Dye Updated: I caused my issue here on the last update

Mailbox Updated: Tweaked the bounds for the gump



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