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Update 022 [Apr 12, 2024]

I am very happy with the cleanup of some issues I was able to get accomplished this week, I will work on a few more next week as well. I am going to get started on the design to replace the Engine to provide Flames/Sparks to players for free consistently, scrapping my idea from last week. We will move to a system where once a day you can click a button on a gump, and if you successfully click all the days of the week you will get a bonus. I still may play with the idea from last week to some degree but it can’t be the main idea based on some player feedback.

Recoding the sort command for me was the idea of the week, pretty sure I stumbled on what could become the skeleton code for a small claim system in some concept when we get there.

  • House Ladder Updated: Removed the no-draw tile, will need to redeem
  • Neon Pink Easter Dye Tub Updated: The fix caused a crash
  • Paragon Easter Basket Updated: Handles daily limits and displays
  • Create Item from String Updated: Incorrect handling of index
  • Jacob’s Pickaxe Updated: Won’t vanish when reaches 0 uses
  • Log Manager Added: Help me find issues or other things
  • Doom Artifact Logging Added: Aimed to figure out the issue there
  • Reward Code Updated: Removed console display info
  • Reward Code Updated: Improved the handling of Lootpacks
  • Sort Command Updated: Complete recode
  • Short Table Added: Now can be crafted
  • Plant Sprinklers Updated: Started working on the recode for them
  • Sprinkler Refill Added: Used to put potions into the plant sprinkler
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