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Update 019 [Mar 29, 2024]

One of the promo codes today will give you your Paragon Easter Egg Basket, you only need one and it will last until April 19th. The eggs auto-spawn all over Ilshenar on the ground, your choice if you wish to double-click it for an instant prize or collect them for bigger rewards. Eggs don’t say fresh for long though so choose wisely. Certain rewards will increase as you collect more sets of eggs. Do you notice how vague I am being yet? Odds are I will be tweaking this and adding new rewards and elements to it as each week passes.

Next week I will be working on the Store elements, plants, and bandage self-command. I also have a few items to toss into craftables as well. My goal will be to cut down some of the noise and knock a few things off the list. So if this week you feel like messaging me rather than asking in general chat, I might ignore it a bit because I am busy coding.

Easter Egg Hunt Added: All of the base functionality added

Felicis Earring Cleanup Added: Removes neg props

Login Quest Updated: Untrapped issue



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