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Update 018 [Mar 26, 2024]

The Luck of the Fate Weaver’s Event took a few recodes and probably over 100 hours but based on the results I am completely happy. I cannot stress this enough though my goal for events is to do my best that you feel you had fun and was worth the effort you put into it. That being said I can see this returning and the code is completely reusable for other flavors as well. I will be doing a clean-up command/deed next update to handle some Negative properties on the earrings which should take effect on Friday. Until then it is up to you to watch your item.

Now on to the vicious rabies-infested easter bunny, rather than an item slot I have chosen for rewards to be more along the lines of deco, hues, resources, and a few other interesting pieces. I am sure RNG will also have some nice little offerings as well.

Battle Boards 2.0: After some back and forth with Sayla, and me feeling like I have let her down a bit. I completely recoded the area for Battle Boards, it currently handles everything except rewards and waiting on one piece of code to put into place. We will probably need to do a test run of this sometime soon. This first version is 1 step short of allowing others to run the event, perhaps even players.

Felicis Reward Deed Added: Handles the transition from points to rewards.

Champ Spawns Updated: Justice is turned off, Harrower is next. This is merely in place for me to clean up the Justice Virtue and then do a redesign of it. Consider this the warning.

BankCheck Updated: Handles 0 constructors

ForensicID Updated: Lowered min skill needed so can be worked up after purchase from an NPC

ListPets Added: Command for me to see what a player has for pets

TierSystemGump Updated: Handling of max tiers properly, next is the leaderboard

Promo Codes Updated: More fun (Version 2 coming soon)

Easter Code Added: It is coming Friday!!



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