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Update 017 [Mar 22, 2024]

I over-planned what I wanted to accomplish but was still very pleased with what was done and could get done in the future. Trained a new AI over the week, Jimmy was always just a general development LLM that could do a wide range of things. The new AI has been fine-tuned to be laser-focused on C# Game Design, Ultima Online, and the various code bases while paying close attention to error handling. I also started using an additional AI to test the waters if expanding the team can help more things in the direction desired.

The crash was from a bad packet with zero var checks. I did resolve that one issue but also on my list is to go through all of the packet code.

If all goes well, CleanUp Brit should go into effect sometime this week.

Raging Blood Elemental Added: New mob to expand the fun in Blood

Hammer of Hephaestus Updated: Redesigned the time logic

Gold Lodger Updated: Get Props now displays gold amount

Telekinesis Updated: Container check interface

MailBox Updates Interface Check

Advanced Salvage Bag Added: No tool or forge required (Testing)

GetStatus Command Added: Will inform you of your Karma and Fame

Personal Trash Bag Added: Complete recode for what I had before (Testing)

CorpseCleanup Command Added: Will clean up corpses you have loot rights to within 3 tiles. Figure we would start to test out some base concepts and code for the claim system

Felicis Lucky Bribe Added: Will turn in 500 luck points and +5 items for the hour

Felicis Fateweaver Updated: Cleaned up and improved a few issues, nothing anyone noticed except me.

Mystical Pet Dye Added: This flavor is called Melted Gold. I figure no better way to be fair than to give everyone one shot at it as well. It has been developed to be expanded



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