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Update 016 [Mar 18, 2024]

If you missed it, the First Annual Krazy G Memorial Naked Fist Fight was an absolute blast. I cannot remember an event that had that many corpses, made me realize the next time we need some counters for Death and Kills. Thank you to everyone who could attend and those who simply were there with their thoughts.

Luck of the Fate Weavers Event is moving so far without a hitch (Nope, not me shocked at all) so far. I have been doing this for long enough to know I cannot make everyone happy just understand if you did just start then your mileage may vary. Get skilled up, do what you can do because this won’t be the only event.. Easter is coming soon!

Remember this is “Play to Win”, “Pay to Win” is a few doors back.

On to the business at hand..

Exploit Fixed: All I am gonna say

Event NPC Updated: Talk range extended for the context menu

Golden Ticket Tier Updated: Cleaned up a few naming issues (Hoping to get the book fix wrapped up this week)

Resurrection Tile Updated: Visible flag triggered with toggle

Event Bag Updated: Reloads data to track who has been given bags



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