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Update 015 [Mar 15, 2024]

The 15th update is on the 15th as if we planned this. Actually what a crazy week it has been code-wise. Is of my own making though, I did know KG and thought it was important we did the right thing here. We will be having the First Annual Krazy G Memorial Naked Fist Fight on Saturday at 1 pm (EDT/Shard Time) (March 16, 2024). As with all things I tend to do, this has been altered to fit my imagination. St Patrick’s Event will be starting today, for the first event I am rather happy with it. I know some will be sad to hear there will be no points for bolas and tears but I am sure you will figure it all out soon enough. This will be your chance to get some lucky earrings. My goal with the event was to have something everyone could do and would be rewarded based on what they did.

Tiles: Took some time to make Naked Fist Fight something from my imagination which required the creation of some tiles. In doing this I can see a very interesting Hunger Games in the making. All tiles work off a toggle

Generic Buy Updated: Removed the bonus pricing.

Baked Kitsune Updated: Name won’t change after disguise

Sort Updated: Added seeds

Weapon Dye Test Added: Trying something different

Clean Up Britain Updated: Removed mailbox

Advanced Weapon Tile Added: move over the tile and get a weapon

Criminal Tile Added: Will turn you grey, no questions asked

Explosion Tile Added: Sometimes you need excitement

New Player Tile Added: Added combat skills to 70 and stats to 75 if under. (Only for special events)

Player Movement Tile Added: Gets people around

Resurrection Tile Added: Cure for Death

InstantRegen Tile Added: Mana, Stam and Hits maxed

Felicis Luck Weaver Updated: St Patrick’s

Event Promo Code Updated: A little fun

I forgot to list something. A new vagabond will be in Haven this week (After the events settle)… He will be offering a new gambling game I call Inferno.

How to Play Inferno: Find the Vagabond: Seek out the vagabond in-game, ready with your wager and your courage.

Place Your Wager: Start a game by saying, “Inferno [your wager amount]”. Be sure your wager is more than 0 but less than or equal to the maximum limit of 25,000 gold. Remember, you must have enough funds in your bank to cover your wager.

Roll the Dice: The game kicks off by rolling 2d6 to set your “point”. If your first roll is a 7 or 11, you win instantly, earning 1.25 times your wager.

Keep Rolling: Every 5 seconds, the dice roll again. If you match your point before rolling a 7 or 11, you double your wager! But beware, rolling a 7 or 11 before hitting your point means you lose your stake.



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