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St. Patrick’s Day Event 2024

Ah, me dear friends and adventurers of Dante’s Inferno! Gather ’round and heed the call of Felicis Luckweaver, a spirited soul on a quest for luck in these dark and treacherous lands. With the green glow of St. Patrick’s Day upon us, Felicis beckons you to join him in his pursuit of fortune and merriment!

In the shadows of this realm, where luck is as scarce as a pot o’ gold at the end of a rainbow, Felicis seeks to weave a tapestry of luck so grand that it’ll be whispered in the halls of legend for ages to come. But he can’t do it alone, no, he needs stout-hearted souls like yourselves to aid him in this noble endeavor.

Fear not, for Felicis is no miserly leprechaun hoarding his luck away. Nay, he’s a generous spirit, willing to share the blessings of good fortune with those brave enough to stand beside him. Each of you, with your own sweat and toil, shall earn your rightful reward, for in the end, it’s the effort that makes the luck shine brightest.

So, who among ye dares to seize this chance? Who’ll step forth and carve their name into the annals of luckiest adventurers? Could it be you, my friend? Don’t tarry too long, for luck favors the bold!

Event Mechanics:

Loot & Luck: Every hour, participants can submit a varying number of loot-found items endowed with luck to our dear NPC leprechaun, Felicis. Felicis can be found near the bank in New Haven. Remember, items must be looted, not crafted. The luck attribute on these items translates into points—the more points you accumulate, the richer the rewards awaiting you.

The Luck Ensemble: Adhering to the golden rule is crucial; wear luck to gain luck. It’s that simple.

Bribes – The Twist in the Tale: Offering bribes in the form of ale and gold adds an intriguing layer to the strategy. Your attempts to bribe can lead to three outcomes:

  • Your bribe fails.
  • Your bribe succeeds, granting you a luck bonus to your score.
  • Your bribe succeeds, allowing you to submit additional items within the hour.

The mechanics of success and the consequences of failure are yours to discover as you navigate the event.

Duration: The event spans until March 25, 2024, providing ample opportunity for both casual enjoyment and intense competition. For the truly dedicated, rest comes on March 26.

Embark on this journey, where your strategy and fortune will determine your rewards. Don’t miss out on this unique blend of challenge and reward!



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