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100 Players Online Contest/Giveaway

The Challenge: 

Can we get 100 accounts logged into UO Dante’s Inferno at the same time? We know we can! 

To complete this challenge, all 100 accounts must be logged in at the same time and remain logged in through a server-save.

The save will record the player count and the players that were logged in at that time.

The Prize(s):

Grand Prize: A custom house, currently located in a prime location in Luna, that was designed and built by Sayla.

1st Runner Up: 250,000 Gold
2nd Runner Up: 100,000 Gold

All players signed in at the time we reach 100 will receive a participation prize.

Awarding of Prizes

The names of three players from the list of players that were logged in when the in-game population reached 100 through the server-save will be drawn. 

  • The first name selected will receive the Grand Prize
  • The second name selected will receive the 1st Runner Up Prize
  • The third name selected will receive the 2nd Runner Up Prize 
  • All players that were logged in during the save will receive a participation prize

The Grand Prize winner will have the option of keeping the house in its location in Luna or transferring it to a different location of their choice (house placement rules still apply). If the Grand Prize winner already has two houses on the shard, they will be required to drop one of their existing houses to claim the custom house or may forfeit the prize to the 1st Runner Up, and receive the 1st Runner Up prize instead.

If a forfeit does occur, the 1st Runner Up will have the same options afforded to the original Grand Prize winner, with a forfeit going to the 2nd Runner Up.



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