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Update 010 [Mar 01, 2024]

This was not as successful as I had hoped, I did finish coding the new Tier Book last night however it has not been tested in any way, so expect an update on Monday with the book in it. This week my priority will be 2 different kinds of Tier Books out in the wild, I want to do dynamic testing for hunting and one for crafting.

March Goals: Sayla and I have been busy trying to pull off 2 Holiday Events.

Galleon Command Added: A command for staff to easily find the owner.

Transmutational Deed Updated: Removed name overwrite

Bag of Holding Updated: Improved item drop functionality

Ethereal Mount Updated: Account-bound functionality added

Pet Vessel Updated: Combat checks for both pet and owner

Advanced Deco Tool Updated: For sale on the correct NPC

Paragon Chest Updated: Cleaned up the Paragon Brush drop

Promo Codes Updated: Started design for a new system

Stats Gump Added: Not active yet, but is over 60% done

Young Status Command Added: Use CheckYoungStatus to see how much time left

Corpse Stone Updated: Added error handling

Corpse Stone Placement: Added one by New Haven Bank (Goal is for most banks to have one)

SetAllSkills Updated: Had a conflict in the command structure (I did that)



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