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Update 009 [Feb 26, 2024]

A few quick turnaround fixes to improve a few things. I think we have things for where I will let this ride until the next update which will be Item Tier RC 2. Based on requests, desires, and demands. Think the will reward for that book will be an Ethy so some of you can quit killing so many horses.

Sort Updated: List Index issue

Base Camp Updated: Additional property settings

Treasure Map Updated: ConvertLevel now has a top and bottom default

Pet Vessel Commands Added: Allow me to work with the item.

Pet Vessel Updated: Improved Sync and Checks

An Update Note from Kane02/27/2024

After some conversations, I will not be putting the Ethy in a book.. There will be one available after the update though and probably going with a promo code based. (How it is Kaninized will be revealed later). Also, this will not be a 0 slot Ethy. Before that happens I will have a perm way for it to be attained in game since it will be a slight power shift. (Already working on it in my head)



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