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Update 008 [Feb 25, 2024]

With each step forward adding a new system, usually a few tweaks are needed. If any other issues creep up hopefully they can ride out until Friday (avoid too many updates).

Promo Code: Today’s code is a little bit of your own treasure bag, I am working on some code and figured the best way to test is in random promo codes. You will not see all codes go to this mechanic but as I develop it more, you will see it off and on. (Maybe even some small deco items)

Paragon Brush Added: Will let you remove the color from a Paragon Chest

Paragon Chest Updated: Added chance to drop a Paragon Brush based on chest level

Reward Gift Box Added: Reward mechanics for upcoming Quest and Events

Tier Gump Updated: Speed check will re-open the gump for you

Prisoner Camps Updated: unused tile cleaned up

Pet Vessel Updated: Followers logic check resolved

Stables Updated: Will no longer accept a pet that is bound to a vessel



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