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Update 007 [Feb 23, 2024]

For me, this is a huge step forward with the update as we start to tackle the shrink pet concept in a new way. Normally there is a pet leash or special hitching post that allows you to target a pet and shrink it. The cost is so minimal and poorly designed that you end up with in some cases over 1000 shrink pets on just about every vet house, not including from breeding. This concept is you have a quest (or might find loot in a chest) to acquire an empty pet vessel. Just need to target a bonded pet and pull it into the vessel. The vessel and pet are now bonded together. Each time you pull the pet into the vessel it will use 1 charge. You can charge the vessel with powder of translocation. As this system gets tested, I will do a write-up for the website.

Next week: Tier Book RC 2. We found a few flaws in the last tier book test so I am going to do another test round, a new reward, and new challenges. If this works, we can plug it into the Key System.

Player Corpse Timer Updated: From 7 to 15 minutes

Report EventSink Updated: All reports now moved off the WorldSave

Novelty Code Updated: Added backpack check

Tinkering Updated: Scale Collar needs red dragon scales at the moment, I will see about getting this per the documentation as more time allows.

Pet Vessels Added: A new concept in shrinking pets, you keep the vessel at all times no matter the state of the pet. The pet must be bonded and it uses Powder of Translocation to pul the pet back into the container each time.

Pet Vessel Experiment Added: New tier book so you can get your first Pet Vessel to use and help test the new system.

Promo Code Fun: Tons of promo codes this week so many exciting things happened and to do.

Deco Deeds Added: 7 new visual splendors from Sayla



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