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Update 006 [Feb 16, 2024]

I figured since people were busy with the current Quest Book I had a little time to knock out some outstanding issues reported. I did get the new requirement into testing but not enough to push into a new quest book yet, look for this next week though.

Next week my focus will be on 2 things:

  • Storage Keys: The basic key code is completed just need to add the mechanics (Item Tier System) so you can increase the storage amount. The concept is how much your keys can hold is up to you.
  • Shrink Pets: I started this one last week and now have a good idea on what I want to code for it.

Sort Updated: Added Ingots, Ore, Logs, and Boards

Gold Ledger Updated: Gold from mobs auto-picked up Promo Code Fun: It wouldn’t be an update without it…

Reports Event Sink Added: Handles the reports needed in the background

LeaderBoard Added: See where you rank for the Item Tier System [New Haven Bank]

Bug Crusher Shirt Added: Initial Code for this system [In Testing]

Trash Bag Added: I coded this last night and tested once [In Testing]

Item Tier System Updated: Item Property Requirements

Skill Point System Updated: Checks the correct cap

Short Table Added: Not in the crafting system yet

Corpses Updated: Will no longer accept insured or blessed items

Trash Barrels/Chests Updated: Will no longer accept insured or blessed items

Gaming Dice Updated: 2-hour delete delay [Includes Battle Board Dice]

Gaming Dice Updated: Roll Notice [Includes Battle Board Dice]

Quest NPC Updated: Resolved a few reported issues here

Darwin’s Demise Updated: No longer is account bound

Guild Admin Added: Staff Command

Plant Sprinklers Updated: A few tweaks to move into testing

Dye Tub Updated: A few naming issues resolved

Battle Board Commands Updated: Logic issue resolved



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