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Update 005 [Feb 10, 2024]

The “Legendary Soul Stone Quest” has its bug fix in, also a new Mild version is now available. This also helped me track down the issue and create tools to resolve different things now. The code base there is showing signs of maturity. Added a few requested commands.

Importantly started the breakaway process to allow me to work on multiple side projects at the same time. This will be important for multiple things I (we based on ideas) want to add to the shard like converted code from ServUO to this updated version on a modern framework. This will allow for all of those things to happen behind the scenes while I push the main code base forward at the same time.

Legendary Soul Stone Quest Updated: All loot now gets a bonus based on Tier Level

Legendary Soul Stone Quest Updated: Resolved issue with the date being set initially

Legendary Soul Stone Quest Updated: Tools added to help resolve issues

Banker Updated: Balance will only be told to the player asking for it

Battle Board Reward Scrolls Added: One for Deco and One for Not deco

Commands Added: Dump, MoveItem and Sort

Updated Hash Functionality

Gumps Updated: ID’s should last through restarts now



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