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Update 004 [Feb 09, 2024]

New fun goes into testing today. This will be your first chance to experience some of the things in my mind for concepts. If you wish a Soul Stone, this is for you. Along the way, you will be testing out dynamic tiers being added as you move along, dynamic things to do, and dynamic rewards, until the end of course. I already am designing the next test version of the code, which will involve a special reward and let us test the Inferno Flames again.

There is no time limit on the “Legendary Soul Stone Quest”, you do it however you desire. I did forget some Battle Board Prize Scrolls, so if Sayla is making do with my first versions while she runs some test runs this is on me. (Already on my 005 list)

Gold Shield Updated: Will now give a notice in the journal as well to mark the time. (I may do more but this was an easy fix)

Legendary Soul Stone Quest Added: 60 tiers of dynamic goodness.

Skill Point System Updated: Moved out of testing

Item Power Requirement Added: New feature for things that can be asked to do

Corpse Requirement Updated: Will accept if your pet killed the required mob

Gold Ledger Updated: Proper gold amount when deposited will be displayed

Note Location Updated: Added Quest Issue to categories

Promo Code Fun: Wouldn’t be an update without it…



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