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Update 003 [Feb 07, 2024]

Just gonna say, busy busy busy!! I still haven’t got to the Item Tier test item yet but I didn’t want to be the one holding up a few things others are doing either. This morning was just cleaning the plate, staying ahead of the curve and such.

New Player Stat Check Added: Small item in New Haven to ensure a player has decent stats to start their experience. (It will be at New Haven Bank)

Gold Updated: Double in your pack will take care of it for you

Shard Time Updated: Should be in sync with things now

Self Res Display Updated: Was working in reverse

Battle Board Dice Added: Making life easier for BB

Promo Code Fun Added: Just going to leave it at that..

Note Location Command Added: New command of [NoteLocation will allow you to point out a location for me to do something with. I have some categories in it already, more can be added if needed. Trying to improve the communication between need and action. Next will be a tool for staff to better use the information but this is the first step.



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