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Update 002 [Feb 05, 2024]

Sorry, it is later in the day for this, just tons to get done for Sayla, and ended up creating my little parser because Json was not working as expected. I do expect some good things from this bit of code.

The next update will have something to start dealing with the duplicate name issue I have noticed. Yes, some name changes in store.

Char Creation Updated: Stat issue just in another place

Promo Codes Added: Update Madness… get it while it is hot.

Create Line Parser Added: Should meld better with XML than Json did it seems

Stealable System Added: New round of testing

House IDOC Updated: Initial step is now 120-180 Days

Global Refresh Command Added: So I can update all of the houses for reset

Cast/CS Command Added: You still need the spellbook and reagents

Account Bound Updated: Should handle the account now and not the player

Self Res Display Updated: Better information format

Battle Board Area Added: Sayla’s map

Battle Board Reward Scrolls Added: A few for testing



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