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Update 001 [Feb 02, 2024]

Every adventure starts with a beginning, this is ours. I am not the kind of person who worries about the past or even what other people are doing, just constantly focus on what I need to be doing. No reason to stop now. If you are on the fence and need to decide if to change shards, that works. Relax, no pressure. If you have just a moment though log in and give Dante’s Inferno a shot, it is “actually” free.

The best items in the game are either one promo code away or what you find as loot from killing creatures in the game. We are already seeing what it will take to have Battle Boards back in action and planning out our first real event quest, Easter Egg Hunt [Inferno Style]

Char Creation Updated: Assigned stat issue, and added a safety net until I have a free moment.

Promo Codes Added: Yes more.. Stealable System Added: Keep an eye out, we will be testing it this week.

Skill Max Updated: Nagging little issues creeping up

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