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Update 011 [Mar 04, 2024]

I am going to put RC 2 into testing today, you will be getting a new Tier Book to play with, different than you have seen before. Remember this is completely optional, I am hoping I have made the rewards along the way enough to make you want to do it. Working on some scaling functionality for the reagents you get and at Tiers 20,40,60,80 each offering a new power scroll of your choice for 105, 110, 115, 120.

Ethy Horse: You will find that in the 2nd promo code for today. I was going to do a special tier book but a player convinced me to do something different, so I did. The price of the horse is based on your account age and increases each day. Everything will be account-bound at the moment but I can already see me allowing later on down the line for that to be changed, by you of course.

Also want to thank everyone for your support, to say this was an amazing weekend would be an understatement. I can’t say enough what it is like to see people support this shard the way it has been done.

Leaderboard Updated: New Tier Book

Player Killed Notice Added: If you are killed in fel by another player, you will become famous

BlackThorn Dungeon Updated: When it attempts to stable it is aware of the Pet Vessel

Auto Save Updated: Now will display the current player count.

Reward Factory Added: Tons of systems need the ability to offer loot and rewards consistently, this is the initial phase of that. Cleaned up tier code nicely.

Tier System Updated: Improved the sanity checks

Requirement Property Updated: Some tweaks needed before going live.

Golden Ticket Quest Added: New Tier Book for fun and excitement, mine or yours?

Deco Deeds Added: No clue how many, Sayla and I getting it all in sync



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