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Update 012 [Mar 04, 2024]

Quick update to clean up some issues. Also added a feature to this test with allows you to continue to target the next item instantly.

Some important stuff: I am gonna try to clean up a few small things with the few days this week left, if it feels like we need an update I will do it.. If not, we will skip it but I know how some of you have become addicted to codes.

Ethy/Pet Hues: Working on a really good idea, not sure I will start coding this one sooner but really like the idea that is being created based on feedback and ideas from multiple sources.

Key System: Finally.. Finally.. Finally. I know what it needs to look like in my head now. All my questions and issues for a system that really needs to stand the test of time are solid. Expect to see some code to test for this very quickly.

Carpenter Craft Menu Updated: Found a few names not in sync with what was being crafted

Requirement Property Updated: Updated names for carpentry items

Requirement Property Updated: Was not comparing against the correct type

Requirement Property Updated: This will now allow you to continue to target without the gump.



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