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How to Use Promo Codes in UO Dante’s Inferno

At UO Dante’s Inferno, we want to reward players for their participation on the Shard and its associated platforms (e.g., our Discord Server, Facebook, Website). One way that we have chosen to do this is through the use of Promo Codes.

Where Do You Get Promo Codes?

Styxen is the Shard’s Keeper of the Codes. She will occasionally post them in the Discord Server, in Facebook posts, or within posts on the website.

Using Promotional Codes In-game

Promotional codes are used within the UO Store.

Step 1: Access the UO Store

To access the UO Store your character must be located in an inn or in your house. Navigate to the nearest acceptable location and then simply click the header button for the UO Store at the top of your screen.

Step 2: Select Promotional Code from the Menu

Once you have opened the UO Store, select “Promotional Code” from the menu on the left side of the screen.

Step 3: Enter the Promo Code

After selecting Promotional Code in the screen above, the following screen will display. Enter the promo code exactly as it was given to you. Note: Promo codes are case sensitive.

Step 4: Confirm Success of the Promo Code

If your code was entered incorrectly, you will receive a System notice in your journal stating “That promo code was invalid”. If your code was entered correctly, you will receive a System notice in your journal indicating the reward you received.

Step 5: Go Ahead! Try it!

Follow the steps above using the promo code EVENT1A to receive your first reward.

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